FLYFISH TRAVELER is an adventure travel fishing company representing a small number of lodges which are known for great service, exciting fishing and exotic adventures. We also offer some of the best custom African Safaris at reasonable prices.  We are committed to providing the best possible Fly-Fishing travel experiences and African Safaris available.  FLYFISH TRAVELER strives to insure that the lodges we send you to will live up to your highest expectations. Most of our trips are scheduled so that they are hosted.  You will be provided with all the details you need relating to gear, clothing and other helpful accessories to make your fishing trip enjoyable and successful.  We will tell you all of the best methods to catch fish at the destination you are going to.  We want to prevent problems from occurring before they occur and fix any problems which do occur.  Best of all, you pay nothing extra for our services - you pay the same rate as you would pay if you booked directly with the lodge you are going to.  We hope that once you have explored this site and have spoken with us, you will give us the privilege of booking your next fly-fishing adventure or African Safari.


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Phone:  (847) 480-9090